Get Involved


Change your lifestyle! Do it today! Whether it's one day or a lifetime commitment, we need you!

Lifestyle Changes

So you are ready for the big commitments and want to find out how you can get involved for the long term. In addition to the links provided in the other two sections here are a few suggestions to organizations for more substantial commitments.

 • Find out what’s happening with your county’s natural areas inventory.

 • Preserve open space through conservation easements.

 • Volunteer to help state parks and state forestlands.

 • Learn how to establish a greenway in your community.

 • Create more livable and prosperous communities.

 • Create a sustainable community park.

 • Learn how to form an Environmental Advisory Council in your township.

 • Develop a management plan for your watershed.

 • Help your community become an Audubon Bird Town.

 • Work with your local school to make it greener.

 • Learn how your community can re-establish tree cover, and how you can care for trees.