Get Involved


Each year, volunteers donate more than 500,000 hours of their time to help Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests. Whether it's one day or a lifetime commitment, we need you!

Next Steps

These steps involve a little more time and effort on your part but may be just what you are looking for once you realize how good it feels to do what is right for the environment. They range from volunteering with a group for a few hours on a weekend, to making sure your next home improvement project is using green or environmentally conscious products. They may also be links to resources to become better informed about the steps you have already taken so that you can take the conservation practices in your life to the next level.

 • Learn more about invasive plants and how to control them.

 • Learn how to use native plants in your home landscape, and which plants in Pennsylvania are considered invasive.

 • Volunteer to help state parks and state forestlands.

 • Learn how to establish a greenway in your community.

 • Create more livable and prosperous communities.

 • Create a sustainable community park.

 • Learn how to form an Environmental Advisory Council in your township.

 • Develop a management plan for your watershed.

 • Become a member of the PA Parks and Forests Foundation to support your public lands.

 • Take the Audubon healthy yard pledge.

 • Help students learn about Pennsylvania’s geology.

 • Learn how to properly construct and maintain your well.

 • Attend a sustainable living or green festival in your area try our Events page.

 • Input your energy bills into an Energy Analyzer to learn how to bring down your energy bill and save energy.