Get Involved


Our parks and forests can always use your help. Join the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation to show your support.

Simple Commitments

Here are links to some quick and easy 5 minute or less conservation commitments. These are some great ways to be involved when you are just getting started on your path to stewardship, the time commitment is out of your reach right now, or you want to learn about the myriad of little things you can do to get involved.

 •Support State Park and Forests by purchasing a Parks and Forests Tag only $5.00

 • Make each internet search count by using Good Search and choosing Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation as your charity of choice

 • Start in your home by finding ways all around you to conserve through Low Impact Living

 • Change a light, and change the world one light bulb at a time through the Energy Star’s Change a Light Campaign

 • Learn how to manage your home and property to benefit the environment and protect your family’s health through Extension Service “Home-A-Syst” program

 • Links for sustainable living (envirolinks)

 • Buy fresh, buy local in Pennsylvania

 • Check out EPA’s “Go Green” newsletter

 • Energy conservation tips

 • Lawn care during drought

 • Conserve water

 • Take the “Ecological Footprint"

 • Simple steps for drivers