For nearly 10 years, this Philadelphia-based non-profit has been using storytelling videos to create awareness of how individual actions can impact our environment and society. Hmmm…sounds familiar. Perhaps that’s why we like them so much. Their most recent successful venture is Stormwater PA.



To maximize the potential of iConservePA, we need partners! Many non-profit organizations, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies are taking steps to promote conservation through their actions, practices and policies. Partners have volunteer opportunities, information, and programs that allow people to connect to the natural resources, in their own backyards and in the great outdoors.

They have thousands of members and customers ready to take action to create a better future. These groups can provide a wider reach for the messages and engagement the iConservePA program offers. By leveraging and promoting the good works of others and moving the masses to get involved with those efforts, together we can effectively advocate for conservation.

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