Can You Induce Labor Naturally with These Food Items?

Can You Induce Labor Naturally with These Food Items?

How do you naturally induce labor? Pregnant women may find themselves wondering this during the end of their third trimester. Throughout history, women have tried many different things to achieve this from working out to sexual intercourse. There is no need to strain yourself as specific food are known to induce labor.

Fair enough, it can be hard to parse through all the urban legends. The truth is that many of the following induce diarrhea, contractions, and cramping, although these symptoms could indeed kickstart labor. Here are food items worth trying out, although take everything with a figurative grain of salt.

Castor Oil

When you drink an ounce or two of castor oil, it can induce labor via simulation of the prostaglandin. It is a hormone known to encourage the dilation of the cervix. Make sure to talk to your ob-gyn about this first to avoid irritating the GI tract.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This piece of advice comes from midwives. Rumor has it that this drink is good at preparing the uterus for labor. On top of that, it will allegedly strengthen the inner body.


Some research suggests that eating dates might induce labor. A study said that pregnant women who consumed six dates each day a month before their due date had a higher tendency of going into labor naturally. On top of that, they saw higher dilation levels upon admission to the hospital. Regardless of whether it can induce labor naturally or not, it sounds like it makes labor more pleasant.


It is also said that pineapple can kickstart labor. This has been attributed to the content of an enzyme by the name of bromelain. According to the myth, bromelain goes into the cervix to break down tissue there and soften the cervix. For what it is worth, there is no scientific data to back this up. Pineapples are infamous for causing heartburn, so speak to a professional before you do anything drastic.


Again, we want to clarify that this is not medical advice. Even though many women try out these natural remedies to induce labor, there is no guarantee that they work well or at all. Make sure to consult a medical professional for the best and safest possible outcome.


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