All Families Should Be Familiar with These Water Safety Principles

All Families Should Be Familiar with These Water Safety Principles

Are you taking the whole family on a swimming trip this summer? If this is the case, we sure hope that the kids are big enough and already know how to swim. Despite the best preparation, however, there is always going to be a risk when you go to the pool, beach, lake, or any other body of water. As the parent, it is important to ensure a safe experience for everyone involved.

Look for the Lifeguard

There will probably be a lifeguard at a public pool, so this might be the best choice in terms of safety. On the other hand, there are more health risks due to harsh chemicals in the water. Among other things, they may irritate the skin and sinuses.

Check the Cleanliness of Water

If you go to a pond or lake in a public park, check for signs that mark it as safe for swimming. On the bright side, these bodies of water will have no chemicals in them. Despite this, there might be parasites and bacteria in the water. Tell your kids to avoid swallowing the water and ensure that the bottom two feet are visible. You might also want to check the temperature of the water before the kids hop in.

Wear Proper Swimwear

Kids should wear life vests in the water, especially if you cannot closely supervise the whole time. Water wings and similar safety equipment will also be helpful. Make sure that the kids are not wearing t-shirts, baggy bottoms, and shoes that can drag them down unnecessarily. The ideal swimwear rests close to the skin and is lightweight. There are also swimming shoes that can protect feet from rocky surfaces.

Recognize Signs of Drowning

In reality, drowning does not look the way it does on television. It can actually happen with the victim being unable to make even a single noise. If someone does not respond to a question verbally or at all, it might be a sign that they are drowning is struggling to move in a specific direction. In general, you should be worried if you see someone with their mouth at water level, face covered by their hair, or head tilted back to gasp for air. Unfocused or glossy eyes make for another important tell.


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