How To Handle Fallen Leaves in a Sustainable Fashion

How To Handle Fallen Leaves in a Sustainable Fashion

As a child, there was nothing quite like raking the fallen leaves to form piles to dive into in the autumn.  Things are a little different now, however. For those who care about sustainability, composting is something akin to passion. It begs the question: is it sustainable to rake leaves? Keep reading to find out how to best manage your gardens and yards with sustainability as a prime consideration.

Arguments Against Raking Leaves

Let us face it. Raking leaves can take a lot out of you, especially if you need to do this multiple times in a single month. Aside from the physical exhaustion that comes with it, however, there are other reasons not to do this. The Huffington Post says that they wind up in landfills when you toss them. Lastly, this activity ruins “mini-ecosystems” that earthworms, chipmunks, and other animals use for food, shelter, and nests.

Benefits of Raking

It is not all bad, however. Certain benefits come with raking leaves. The Spruce says that this is the way to go if you want to maintain your grass since fallen leaves block sunlight and inhibits growth.  Aside from that, raking can get rid of ticks if you dump the leaves in the proper spot. Do not leave them on the edge of the property since black-legged ticks are notorious for carrying Lyme disease like it there.

Autumnal work in garden.

What to Do About Your Leaves

There are several options when it comes to sustainable methods of getting rid of leaves.

A lawn mower is helpful when it comes to shredding leaves if you care about your grass. By reducing them to small pieces, they can break down all by themselves and give the soil nutrients while stopping weed growth at the same time.

Another idea is to toss leaves in the compost pile. It is even better if you can shred them in advance to speed things up, but this is not necessary. Do not forget to add greens in the form of vegetable scraps for nitrogen. Introduce oxygen by tossing them around once in a while.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that offers municipal leaf pickup, it is a good call to take advantage of this service. After all, this is a sustainable and efficient way to get rid of all the leaves.


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