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Science Afield

Natural cycles out of whack and weather run amok? Invasive species on the rise and native species in decline? Join host Jessica Sprajcar as she looks at the vulnerable wild side of Pennsylvania through the eyes of experts and engaged citizens—together exploring the mysteries of our state of change.


Citizens Count

From the ice on our rivers to the birds at our feeders, observing and reporting natural phenomena is what citizen science is all about. With host Jessica Sprajcar, learn more about the significance—and the growing need—for data collected by the people, for the planet.



Nature on the Move?

As changes take place in the earth's climate, how are species adapting? For some, who can shift their ranges to warmer or cooler climes, this may not be much of a problem. But some species could face a harsher future. Join Jessica as she travels throughout Pennsylvania to examine how adaptable nature can be.