Plant Smart


Native Perennials

The Black Eyed Susan native perennial makes a beautiful addition to your sunny flower bed. Find out what other natives flowers would work in your space.

Not everyone has a green thumb or the ability to know how to plant that will save them time, energy, resources, plus do good things for the environment. What we plant, how we plant and where we plant can affect our wildlife, energy usage, carbon footprint and more.

In order to make wise planting decisions, it's important to have the right tools, and we don't just mean shovels and rakes! Become familiar with the benefits of native plants and trees and how they can help you and the environment. Natives not only look great, they require less care and provide more benefits to wildlife. They also can help keep invasive species at bay. Use our native plant database to identify some of the best natives to use to fit your needs. Our garden templates will inspire you to create an inviting and Earth-friendly landscape.

Get started today! We have best practices and resources to guide your decisions.